Yoga Tips and Advice for a Self-Conscious Beginner – Q & A Yoga Upload Vlog



  1. This is so awesome!!! Thank you thank you thank you! It's
    funny how you said that it's not a performance because I do have that mindset (even in regular life) … that my yoga trainor is my director and other yogis in class are my co-actors … then we have people watching us behind the glass walls. lol. Thank you for making me aware of it and how it should not be it. Thank you.

  2. Great advice Maris, such good advice about about it not being a competition or a performance. I love how you say it is much more important how it feels on the inside. My teacher always says, this is not an aesthetic practice. And such a good reminder that are postures are tools not goals. Love to you. Thank you! Melissa

  3. Hello yogis! This is a common concern for those interested in trying yoga but are too intimidated. Please share with someone you know who needs to hear this! Thanks everyone 🙂 – Maris