Yoga Camp Day 7 – I Am Capable



  1. Hi Adriene,

    Thank you so much for this video. I have been doing yoga practice at home for four years and have always loved it but have never connected with the suggestion from any yoga video that a particular pose will bring up a lot of emotions. I've really struggled with confidence issues lately and saying out loud during this practice that I am capable finally opened me up emotionally and to my surprise I even shed a tear!

    Thank you again! Love and peace x

  2. After finishing the 2017 Yoga Revolution, my sister and I committed to doing another month of yoga. It's a great way to stay connected and motivated.  I also appreciate how these practices give us a moment in the day to take care of ourselves; to be kind and loving.  I needed this mantra today!

  3. This was perfect! I started yoga because I have bad knees and chronic migraines but I want to still be active in a way that wouldn't aggravate either or both of those (which so far has been mostly a success). This particular mantra was so good, I've gotten a promotion and am about to become an evening supervisor and while I've been at my job for years and have trained many of the current supervisors, it's still a little nerve wracking (and exciting) to be put in charge, so just going to remind myself, I am capable.

  4. First week of doing yoga for the first time, can't go wrong with Adriene ! I absolutely love your videos ! Where did you get these clothes from ? They look super comfortable and I love the colors 🙂

  5. I have done many of your you tube classes. You're a fantastic teacher. I can do an entire lesson just listening with my eyes closed. Your guidance is so solid. Thank you for sharing and loving your practice.Samantha. U.K.

  6. This was amazing! Thank you, dear Adriene, for your generosity and sweetness. The way you combine the mantra with the specific poses is amazing and very appropriate. I feel strong and capable now. Thank you once again! Love, Daria

  7. I came across this yoga with Adriene 3months ago. I thought this will help me to recover from dipression due to miscarriage. It was really a tough time for me, so many sleepless nights, over thinking, no apetite, paranoid, lonely, and so on. It all changed because of #yogawithAdriene I may just a beginner but thank you for helping me to recuperate. Now I made it to Day 7… I am loving all your videos!!!! Keep going!!!!:*