WW Freestyle Dailys, Blue dot thinking



  1. You’re a much deeper thinker than I am. Heck…I’m still trying to learn when to stop eating! I’ve been doing WW for so long….having heard the spill about how it’s worse to not eat enough, whatever that is, that rethinking the healthy point range and it’s validity is scary.

  2. I am glad you are discussing the blue dots. I was just questioning eating when I am not hungry to get the mighty blue dot. I even contemplated switching to Simply Filling to lessen the pressure. I have been maintaining instead of losing…not the plan!🙃 Your thinking may very well be the key!! As far as beans, always rinse the canned beans because the juices can cause gas. If you are cooking beans from scratch, soak them in water with baking soda…it is supposed to remove the gas. I find both work without having to use any medication. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts!!

  3. I absolutely hear you on the blue dot thing! I was just saying the same thing to someone else – I absolutely don't think you ever need to eat just to hit a blue dot! If you are satisfied, not hungry, and not feeling deprived, then I don't think you should eat! I think the blue dot is a great concept, but there comes a time when perhaps it doesn't necessarily apply to everyone. WW even says they do not have a specific lower limit of smart points that they recommend. The blue dot range is just a guideline. That's so good to know about the beans – maybe there is hope for me yet!

  4. I'm so glad you mentioned that it depends on the bean! I thought I was nuts when I noticed that for myself and you're the first person I've ever heard mention it. I find that white beans are much easier for me to digest than any other.