Will the ecollar cause more aggression? 1 lesson



  1. Watch as the owner is getting questioned.The Doberman already spotted the other Dog, than as they approach he sniffs the ground "appeasement Behavior to the other Dog". As they get closer the Dobie circles around and acts like he wants to play, but to the untrained eye, one will know that as they get closer the Dobie again sniffs the ground, while keeping his eyes on the other Dog "you can't see this but he is doing it. They call this (Whale Eye). Than once he gets closer he gets more worked up and barks at the Dobie. (Over arousal, over the threshold). At this point treats usually don't work or trying to calm the dog down by talking or petting it does not either. The Dog is not paying attention to you and is too focused on the Dog. This is why I like the Sit Means Sit collar. It gets the Dogs attention off the other Dog and on you. Than you can work on focus and praise at smaller increments as you get closer to the other Dog. You need to have something that blocks the brain from moving forward and on you, than you can retrain the brain to not react and ignore. At the end the Dobie walks toward the Dog and only puts his head down one time and before multiple times. Good Job. Thank You.