Why I Feed my Cat MEAT as a VEGAN



  1. I have been feeling guilty about buying meat as I am vegan, but you are right if sustainably you can source food, specially aquatic animals as most are naturally sourced, then you can still be vegan. Why a lot of vegans have their cats on supplement diets anyway is because of commercial cat food as they the company's add all the nutrients they need into their food which is just the same as what you would do for vegan cat food! Plus the ethics of commercial cat food is awful. I mean if you had the food tested diseased animals would be in there, plus even a dog or cat! Yes that's right they have no quarms with sticking pets in pet food.

  2. if you are vegan you can still feed your cat meat because you are not eating it yourself your abusing your cat if you are not feeding it meat which is against the veganism veganism prevents unnecessary suffering but when it comes to your cat is is necessary

  3. No, this is definitely the right call. You are putting the needs of your cat above your own personal ethics. Cats are obligate carnivores and they need meat in order to achieve optimal health. You are a great person. I am with you 100%

  4. You are a mindful person. Animals in captivity and in the wild follow the rules of nature for ultimate survival and quality of life. Humans have an awesome and complex body that can choose and survive on many diverse diets. My boyfriend and I are attempting to go vegan but we have 5 cats and they are our babies and I didn't want to hurt them so thank you for voicing your opinion on this.

  5. I dont see the problem the real problem is if vegans become so less trolerant agianst ppl that are the oppiside of them, then the vegans are just like the meat eaters, We create distance between humans, with that mindset, and becoming a vegan, was that not for more peace in the world ? 🙂 let animals have there free will to choose there own eating happit, the way they are design, dont be like those ppl that spend lots of money on making a river straight, only to discover that it harms nature and spend money making it back to the way it was design by nature. be open enought to have room for the driffrence in this world, you would be bored to death if everyone was like urself and if the world was as humas wanted it to be, it wouldent survieve one day.

  6. A vegan diet for a cat is literally retarded, its as torturous as a slaughterhouse lmao…

    (Carnviores that can't survive without meat are called "obligate carnivores". The most familiar examples are cats: a cat raised on a vegan diet will die of malnutrition.)

  7. hey, I'm not a vegan, but nonetheless — thank you for getting the word out there in terms of cats' diets! I hope your dog is also doing well and that you make sure to get him tested at the vet every now and then if he needs some supplements or not. may your pets prosper and live a long, healthy life!

  8. I would like and completely agree with this video if you didn't say that you would feed a dog a vegan diet, just because an animal can be vegan, it doesn't mean they should, dogs are naturally meat eaters!

  9. Cats are carnivores. Yes, cats can be brought up as a vegan and have a very healthy life but I know nothing about cat nutrition and I don't want to mess anything up. I know that one day there will be better opportunities, vegan-wise but right now, the best I can do is be a vegan human and encourage humans to be vegan.

  10. Thanks for the video, I'm struggling with this as a vegan of less than a year. I dont want to contribute to animals suffering, but compassion starts at home, and I have a responsibility to my furry friends I rescued too. I love my cats, I'll give them fish… thanks for making me feel less alone!

  11. I respect this woman a lot. Part of being vegan is to stop animals from suffering. Her cat ownership isnt contrary to veganism. She knows that cats are carnivores and chooses a diet both safe for her cat with minimal impact on the protien sources as possible.

  12. The thing about dogs is they can survive of a vegan diet but not thrive so not actually healthy for them they are healthier and live a longer lifespan if you feed them meat if you make a dog a vegan they will live a smaller lifespan and be less healthy

  13. Thank you for having common sense. My friend's sister put her cat on a 100% vegan diet and caused it to go partially blind as a result. Cats are carnivores and their diet should be respected.

  14. Being a vegan isn't about not eating animal products, it's not buying or using animal products. You are not a vegan if you own a cat. Please retitle this video to "Why I feed my Cat MEAT as a non-VEGAN" :^)

  15. How can a specially formulated vegan diet that is fine for cats be labeled as "cruel" while the extreme violence rendered onto the other animals made for meat-based cat food is so easily dismissed? It is still favoring one animal over the other, and diminishes the fact that all animals deserve the right to live peacefully. If we all went vegan, but continued to feed our pets a meat-based diet, the slaughterhouse industry will continue to profit. Pets will continue to eat a highly processed combination of leftover blood and bones of diseased animals that are not acceptable for human food. If we are genuinely concerned about our pets health, we would not be feeding them the acceptable form of food on the market today. Resources are out their to help the vegan pet owner allow their pets to be vegan if they were willing to do the research and try new formulas. If it makes you uncomfortable, then you should not own a cat.

  16. You should try weruva or natures logic. They don't use by products and are both grain free. Weruva is antibiotic, gmo, msg, and carrageena free. Natures logic is free from synthetic vitamins and minerals. They both have websites so check them out!

  17. To everyone who still feels the need to get upset over vegans having carnivorous animals on meat based diets. Think of it this way: Would you force a rabbit to eat an all meat diet?
    No. so why do it to a cat? It's cruel and unhealthy. I'm vegan myself and I would never put my cat at risk because of something that I believe in.

  18. Hi Katie. I hope all is well with you. Love your cat Snickers 😊. Well done for taking in a rescue. I have just uploaded an Anti Pet Shop videopoem you may be interested in #closeallpetshops . If you like it please share it around to get the message out. Thank you 😊.