WHO WORE IT BETTER? (Adorable Toddler Halloween Costumes!)



  1. Look at those cute babies 😍 brooks just about caught you at the parade πŸ˜… that was cute how they brought all the babies out in the big stroller, adorable! Can’t wait to see you guys costumes!!

  2. Cuteness overload!!!! Β That was an adorable vlog. I loved how you walked away from your sister in the parking lot and she was still standing there waving her arms trying to talk to you. Β Typical brother/sister relationship, lol. Β I had to giggle at the end when Gaines was talking about the bedbugs. Β When I was a kid, this was our version of the bedbug rhyme: "Night, night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite. If they do, take your shoe and whack them til they're black and blue". Clearly a difference in parenting. Good job, C&K for teaching Gaines a much less hostile version of the rhyme! 🀣 xoxox HeatherπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦