WHAT MY CAT ATE TODAY // Are we all silently killing our pets? YES DUH



  1. Dogs generally have this (not saying it's ok to feed them this though) chemical that allows them to start digesting grain based foods, we have it as humand but cats have non of that at all. But with dogs I am not too sure but I think the amount of this chemical is much less than ours.

    Really what yeah you should be doing is feeding (particularly cats) is raw meat, we've really only been feeding them these grain/starch based foods over the last 50-70 years because it's cheaper, but evolution doesn't happen within that time frame. It's actually really fascinating and interesting. The Bengal breed of cat has (or tends to have) problems with anything other than a raw meat based diet.

    Cats (an interesting bit of information) have a very acidic bowel (ours are much weaker) and can deal with a lot more bacteria than we humans, it's probably likely the reason why they're able to eat food off of the floor. Also when you compare a cats stomach to that of an animal like a gorilla they have a very short bowel compared to the animals that can eat vegetarian like diet. They're natural 100% carnivores they don't need grains or veg at all.

  2. Hi Bree! Why aren't you making any more videos? You're so creative and intelligent. I love hearing your views on life… you're the most sane and rational person I've heard in a long time…. keep on producing…and …wait for it….LONG LIVE ONTARIO!!!!!!! There I said it xxxxxx

  3. Hey, hi. Cool, I just somehow stumbled upon your channel whilst browsing…not sure how but who cares, it's cool that it happened — okay literally as I was typing this I remembered that it was because I was watching a vid on social anxiety. Anywho I'm now a new subscriber and am thoroughly und completely enjoying your entertaining ways. The reason I'm writing now is to say hello but also I'm really hoping you'll do a new video soon! 🙂

  4. i tried to feed my cat only meat…unfortunately she only licks on it…she doesnt really eat it. only sometimes but then she eats less than 100g a day. i tried to sprinkle some nutritional yeast on it what she loved…but only licking it O.o and the most curious thing is she gets diarrhea after two days of only meat. the only thing she eats is dry food :/ she's a persian mix or something from a shelter so i don't know if it is because she is overbred or something but yeah…no wet food going inside her 🙁 (i tried canned food 100% meat, cooking, raw)

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  7. I'd love to go raw for my mastiff but unfortunately I haven't been able to afford it. He's had allergies his whole life, figured out the only protein source he can have is chicken and he can't have any sugar sources. Finding a dog food without fruit was so fucking hard and it's aggravating when you know its really not a necessary ingredient in their diet. If he ate raw he'd have to eat 6lbs of mostly meat everyday…. 6lbs!!! Lol he's a big boy. It really is a shame that organic freshly butchered meat is so expensive.. I know he'd benefit from it. Makes me feel horrible I can't swing it. 🙁

  8. I have my dog on the PMD (Prey model diet). so I feed her the whole carcass (intact, including fur etc..) its a great source of fiber. I noticed her drive has increased ever since she started the PMD, its great!

  9. Hey Brianne, lately I keep hearing from different sources about fasting as ultimate cure for our guts… Make sure to check this out, try it etc. Also, I believe it is always best to long fast (21-23 days – it is kind of reset to its original state, at that point…), I know that sounds crazy (!) but apparently it is doable (especially because after first few days, hunger sensations kind of turn off). Better to gradually increase fasting periods, although my conviction that our body is a lot more resistant than we think it is. Yep. Cheers!

  10. I have a kind of strange question about this video. So if you feed your cat or dog raw meat does it pose any risk to humans because of the residue on their mouths? I honestly have no idea on this and was wondering what you think/have read.

  11. Who say that?! I'm here for your awkwardness!

    but, anyway, FYI, here in my country bones and organs are sold. organs around $1.5 per pound and $4 per pound for bones! People like those in their foods, we use those alot 😉