What it’s like living with a Sphynx



  1. Ok people please be mindful this video is what it's like for me living with gadget, so I can only comment on living with him – not every Sphynx will be exactly like him.

    To clarify Gadget gets fed three times a day plus treats such as liver, tuna, fish, chicken etc – he is on the thinner side yes and has always been like this. If he over eats he is sick and he also has IBS- so I can't feed him anything I have to stick to above and what is mentioned in the video otherwise he'll have a bad tummy. So please don't assume I'm not taking care of my cat or that he is neglected trust me he eats a lot!

    Leave the rude comments out otherwise I'll delete and block 👍🏽

  2. This sphynx is absolutely gorgeous! ♡♡♡♡ and isnt he just the most adorable furrless ball omg ♡♡ the way he stays on you when you hold him and stretches his pawsies, he clearly loves you ♡♡

  3. He is so adorable and kind of funny considering he walks all over you, I just can’t imagine how expensive that would be I kind of get it because I have two cats and one of them got crystals so he needs special food too. He also loves blankets like your cat but mine has fur it’s odd, personally I think it’s because the area I live in is cold.

  4. My chinese hairless dog just passed away & I believe the sphynx is similar in that neither have hair, or just a bit. They both have traits that are just by their types & so lovable. I know my hairless dog pranced like a horse & cuddled like a cat. He could take his head & lay it all the way back flat against his back. Thank you for sharing. Much Love & PeaCE… Shalom <3

  5. A personal goal for myself is to own a sphinx cat and call him Dobby! Haha, not really, but if I found a sphinx cat in a local shelter, I'd jump at the chance to give a little baby a second chance! ❤️ much love

    (I know how stressful keeping exotic cats is, I worked at a shelter for a while and a Siamese came in. When I arrived at 6am, through to when I left at 4pm, she was the loudest little girl! Happy to say that she was only there for 2 weeks before a lovely couple bought her!)

  6. You must be rich to own that cat or you got a deal because Sphinx usually sell for 1000$ of dollars 💵 but the cat is adorable so either way it was probably worth it