Weird Cat Behavior



  1. When his territory changed? I wonder if there was another cat that kind of shook him up a bit & he needed more security when he ate. After the move, did each cat get their own food dish?

    Also, What happened when he was 2 that he started?

    BTW; according to your wife then, what Was the deal with the man on TV?

  2. He started doing it when he was about two years old. He no longer does it because we've moved and he stopped when his territory changed.
    I wasn't watching Cambodian TV, my Cambodian wife was.

  3. ??!

    Now, THAT is the wierdest thing I've ever seen a cat do.

    How old was he when he started doing this? Does he still do it today? What does the other cat think about it?

    In fact; could he be covering it out of discouragement she is eating out of the same bowl?

    why are you watching Cambodian TV? (Dare I ask what it is saying? He sounds pretty worked up about something).