Two Easy and Delicious Frozen Popsicle Recipes For Your Cat! Homemade Frozen Treats For Cats!



  1. thankl you for your treats and music…my cats…aka fur babies…they have to wait for me to get home from work and the music helps them stay calm…and the treats….they are gonn alove them treats esp with catnip lol thanks so much..after seeing how easy they are to make i was like wtf is wrong with me why didint i think of thisw lol ut thanks…
    if you want to ever share the love..i also rescue cats… i am a singer in a band..callled groovesick and when we gig i will be sharing my money that i make from gigs to save cats…and help rescue them…so if you could please give a shout out to and let them know that i rescue cats and would love some support…not financial …i mean alwasy ppl need that but i just need more ppl to help rescue…again ty so mcuh

  2. I give my cat Frozen sardines. they come a can and I get it in water and freeze the water but it still has the fish smell and I use some wet cat food the chunky kind and mix that with the sardines and freeze them. my cat loves sardines.

  3. For those of you who don't want to give yoghurt to your cats, you can just miks tuna with tha water thats in the can and put that in an icecubetray. That's what I've been doing so far and my litle Neo loves it. Hugs from Norway.

  4. I love ur kitty, beautiful colouring, and I love ur meiow necklace😁😁, those ideas are good but did you that cats are lactose intolerant, that means they can only have special kind of milk for cats and not human milk..yogurt has normal human milk in it, so cats can't eat it…