TUTORIAL – GTA SA – How to ADD (Not Replace) Cars in SA!



  1. Hey, TheNathanNS

    The car I added (Lamborghini Sesto Elemento) was installed and didn't crash, but I've detected 3 problems;
    – The wheel is on top on the car's body
    – When trying to entering the car, it crashed
    – When spawning the car, the game fades away like turning the screen into white.

    It's probably the CarSpawner.ini issue since I got really confused at that part. And I'll like some help, cheers.

  2. ok, so i did all this and the game dont crash but the car is invisible, the car appears in the GGMM but no in the game and also appears in the car spawner in game but it never appears. what i did wrong?

    EDIT: the car spawns but something is wrong with their wheels.

  3. If these craps shows up : msvcp120.dll and msvcr.dll is missing , you can search them in google and download those two dll and add it to your gta sa location 😀 im just trying to help

  4. For some reason when i add these scripts my map starts to flicker violently but only around the are where your home is or when you first spawn at the beginning of a new game. None of the fix memory stream solutions worked. Any ideas?

  5. I'm already doing everthing in order, when I'm trying to add GTA V Dewbauchee Massacro to GTA SA, it won't make the car appear. I'm already add the Handling.cfg, Vehicle.id, Carcols.dat, Carmods.dat, Cargrp.dat, fastman92limitAdjuster_GTASA.cfg, vehicleAudioSetting.cfg, Vehicle.fxt, & CarSpawner.cfg properly. But it still won't make my Massacro appear. Just Name & ID, not the Massacro. When I'm trying to enter the car, the game was just like faded away & just like been burned & crash. Please Help?!