Top 10 Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits you didn’t know about (uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar)



  1. do not drink ACV like its a drink…….use a teaspoon in your salad. but not too much as it cleans and so destroys high value minerals in your body. dont do what they say here; mixing it with water and drink it…hell no way too much.

  2. The problem now with apple cider is that the apples are GMO the skin is loaded with NANO POISON pollens in glyphosate which don't come off don't believe me ….get an apple don't bite into it, cut it with a knife let it sit at the kitchen top and walk away for a bit …if that apple is not brown!!! "Do not eat it"!!! If it's still white throw that shit away its Garbage!!! We are being hijacked through our foods with all this bullshit about all this Raw Pure organic ,green, raw, natural is bullshit ,especially starting with "Whole Foods" who is now owned by Amazon and guess who owns Amazon? The C.I.A they kill people, don't care about you be it white, black, brown , red, yellow rich or poor. Doctors too can get it … I'll bet this company of Bragg doesn't even know that they're getting gym old apples unless they're growing in themselves and their friend running their own soil and they're not spraying anything then it's a different story…. Meanwhile don't trust anything that says pure natural raw or green it's a lie. Keep away from All Greens such as rice corn soy bread cereals pasta are GMO oats multigrain and all sugars these are the culprits of all these diseases and Cancers and opens you up to fibromyalgia fibrosis polyps all these things don't believe me go look at Tony pantallersco on YouTube he's not selling nothing he's not trying to get anything from you listen to his seminars unbelievable insane this guy is a herbalist for 40 years a biochemist and deals with nothing but the top notch doctors professors Who come out of the universities such as Yale and Harvard , who are food scientist and food engineers, food chemist and who worked with the government go take a look you think I'm bullshittin or playing around listen to all his knowledge he's just a guy that knows some stuff

  3. There are many components to treating rosacea naturally. One plan I found which succeeds in merging these is the Natural remedy blueprint (google it if you're interested) definately the no.1 resource i've heard of. look at the great information .

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  5. The foot soak treatment with apple cider vinegar really does work. I still use it and no longer have issues with odors, itching or fungus on my feet and my skin and toenails look cleaner and healthier now.