Took chinky to vet



  1. You're a good man with a kind heart. It's very compassionate of you to take in this helpless/homeless animal and care for him the way you have. He is lucky to have you in his life. God bless you, my friend.

  2. This cat is such a fucking beast he's going to murder you in your sleep for what you did to her. She's gonna take her cat balls out and rub them across your sleeping face then slice your neck with his one big tooth. RIP.

  3. I live between Akron and Cleveland kinda…Our old neighbors used to have a lot of outside cats, non were fixed, which led to a few litters of kittens every year. We contacted SPCA, and got some vouchers to get the cats fixed at a discount. We got 2 of their male cats fixed without them even knowing. And then no more kittens…Eventually it would have led to deformed/inbred cats running everywhere.

    I have 3 house cats and one a few outside cats that live in garage. The ones in the garage are out during day, and locked in garage at night. But I keep a small doghouse by back door incase they dont come in before I goto bed. All are fixed and all are strays, most likely from neighbors ignorance. Im glad you took time and money to help the cats man. Many people wouldve just shot them tbh…So good looking out for doing what you are…Also, you can get some styrofoam sheets to help insulate their houses. And put straw between the foam and the outside wall as well…And yeah, vets are not cheap at all…