Tiny Rig for Sony FDR X3000 with ECMAW4 Wireless Microphone



  1. The audio is good, I just got My FDR X3000 I used a Rode Micro and works great. Sony has better Dynamic Range Than GO Pro 5 I used my sony to record Kitesurfing. I just got a kitemount will be testing soon,

  2. audio sounds the best with the wireless setup with the background noise. I feel like some background noise adds to the sound environment of the vlog. When you remove the background in post it sounds like you are in a fishbowl. How did you stabilize this vid, the quality and smoothness are way better than my gopro hero 5.

  3. Hello that was again an excellent video
    Your microphone presentation is very successful
    And I think this little fur
    Would also work well on my SonyRX100V
    Thumbs up and subscription you have earned more than

    Warm greetings from Germany