The Lady Q by Artery Vapor – Vape Review!



  1. thank you thank you thank you for getting your e liquids to the uk i like the watermelon lemonade and have just got the blue slushie which has now become 1 of my favorites. keep doing what your doing i enjoy watching all your vlogs.

  2. Just wondering if this might be lighter weight than say a Nautilus Mini and something like the Nugget? Still looking for something that my Mom could use to transition to vaping. I was thinking the MyJet would have been a good choice because it's cigarettish, but not a crappy cigalike. I started with a cigalike but it wasn't until I got an ego setup that I was knew that vaping was where it's at, lol. My Mom is 68 and a bit of a stubborn fuddy-duddy. So I'm trying to find something that she won't feel is too heavy and awkward. Also if anyone has any good tabbaco flavor juices that might be good to start with, I'd love to here some suggestions! For me it was Mountain Oak's Rangler that got me of the cancer sticks!