Southern Angel Biscuits, Mamaw’s Recipe too! Cook ’em Up in a Cast Iron Skillet #MyFoodMemeories



  1. cast iron bakes even but you need to heat the skillets up in the oven for 30 minutes on around 400degrease non greased be careful taking a hot cast iron out of the oven hotttttttt…..

  2. In Canada, we call them "Biscuit chaud" or "Hot biscuits" And my mom served it with Boston beans… or use the biscuits for strawberry shortcakes … Ahhhhh…. so c omforting.

  3. My mouth is watering as of this moment! This is on my "what to bake next" list, right at the top! May Jesus bless you, always.

    By the way, I love your YouTube name. When someone asks how I am doing, I like to say, "sunny, with a chance of rainbows". LOL so your name just made me think of that.

  4. My mother made angle biscuits she rolled them out and added Crisco shortening let it melt she put biscuits first top of biscuit in melted Crisco  turned over to cook some she made up ane let them set in fridge over night and let set and bake

  5. I didn't realize biscuits had so many ingredients. I thought they were made with sifted, self-rising flour, lard (yes, LARD, lol) and some butter milk. I can't wait to try these recipes. Thank you.

  6. Those look wonderful! And a cold-rise with two leavenings, too! I always thought White Lily was optimal for biscuits but it certainly wouldn't work well with yeast. Can't wait to give these a try in my old Griswold–thanks for posting!

  7. I've tried several different recipes and none of them have been as good as this one! Thank you for clearly stating that yeast needs to be added to the dough. So many recipes online don't state that nor do they put enough baking powder or soda into the mix.