Siamese cat history – Thai cat



  1. I like them both but I agree that the Thai cat is the original Siamese cat- crazy to say anything else. I think my Quinn is a mix of traditional and the modern or classical maybe. His head shape is more like an Apple head but his body is smaller and thinner although he is very muscular and athletic and he feels heavy to me. He is quite vocal but not like my Wizard, all black cat, who was slimmer and more like a Modern Siamese, he talked constantly to me. I’m sure he was part Siamese.

  2. I think it's ridiculous how these breeders are fighting for the name ''Siamese''.  They start an Association, and claim it.  Who put them in charge, nobody.  They can claim all they want.  The first  Siamese are, –  the ones depicted in black and white in this video.  That is a ''Siamese'' anything developed after that is just a colour breed. People believe the breed has changed to the wedge head bat eared kind produced today, only because that is what is published and proclaimed  by the Cat Show executive.  These Cat Shows do not allow the original Siamese in their shows, so they can steal the name. They are Dictators and thieves.   So  all the gullible sheep follow and believe what they are saying, because, they make themselves a ''Cat Assoc. or Club'' to establish their claims.   The Shows today are a sham, they dictate what they want  the public to believe. They are stylizing these cats to meet their own personal selfish needs and  for monitary gain, that is what its about, selling high priced offsprings.  Please, stop taking control and leave the beautiful  breed alone.  A Siamese is a Siamese, is a Siamese, from the early Century.I'm not saying anything against the Modern or the colours, they are beautiful, but they are not Siamese.  One of the most expert breeding programmes is that of the Thoroughbred Horse.  The breed has not changed in hundreds of years.  They keep a strict record of every Register horse.  Nothing can be changed by people who have special interests.  The horse breeders do it right, lets have an association that can be relied on like that of the Thoroughbred Registry.  Otherwise, you have nothing.

  3. The modern siamese(egyptian?) is no longer a purebred,therefor is not siamese,and it is a Sato cat.
    I have a 7 month old Siamese,and was extremely confused,because of the modern fraud,these people have,calling a hybrid cat siamese.

    Thanks,for the video.

  4. My first Siamese cat was more like the traditional but I found it almost impossible to get another one. The one I have now is more modern but not as 'ugly' as the more extreme ones. Beautiful all the same. I have had 4 in all.

  5. so i thought all my life my cat was siamese but she is not, she is thai modern cat, so she has very round and V shape face also the body is very muscular but fat haha, mara the name of my cat , always had a vey healthy body but not skinny she has the body of the original thailand cat, now she gain weight because of the food and because of many other factors, Zeus the other thai cat i had the father of Mara was really similar to the 1st picture on your video then when he gain weight he look like the 3rd and 4th picture you showed on video, so here`s my thoughts about it, original not breed siamese cat, just original thailand cats have very large elegant but not skinny just very muscular body and a round face with v shape also the ears not extremely big but pointy and very proporcional with their head shape not like siamese that has very strange look that i personally dont like, sorry but they look awful for me they are just stupid creation of human, when it comes to human to interrupt on nature they always make mistakes as always, ORIGINALLY thailand cats are very cute and everyones loves their looks and personality, why modified something given from the nature that is extremelly beautiful they modified the original siames cat to something that doesnt look really pleascent to the majority of the eyes of us, stupid people stop playing like GODS you are not.

  6. I agree 100% it's sad that the "REAL" siamese was shut out. I use to breed Burms 30+ years ago and I watched a lot of the changes at that time. My heart will ALWAYS belong to the Traditional Siamese. Loved the video! One last thing shame on cat associations for letting people undo what nature did and also for breed deformities to make a $. Sad!

  7. as a decades old siamese owner, all i see are 'apple heads' as they were known, and modern siamese! and if you think modern siamese are 'extreme' you should look at european 'fly away' eared siamese and orientals which are winning shows and beat the current breed standard into dust.

  8. I remember my old seal point Ming Toy from the 60's. He was a lovely and robust traditional cat, I think they call them "apple head" Siamese nowadays. The breeders have produced some odd looking head shapes in my opinion and I prefer a more natural looking creature.

  9. Gorgeous kitties, all of them.

    To me though, the so called Modern Siamese seems to be altogether too, too skinny and a bit sickly looking.

    I prefer Traditional Siamese cats.

    My aunt had two; a boy named Jack and a girl named Meow (I'm not kidding, that was her name.)

    Jack was a cuddler, food thief, and bed hog.

    Meow was a snotty, contentious kitty with a snotty catitude.

    She was very pretty though.

  10. As far as I am concerned its all in your personal taste, because the cat is the same in every body type. I personally like what is seen in the show hall now a days and have breed/showed in CFA to that type. But I started out years ago with the less typey look. I've had Siamese in my home for 42 years consistently. I now have one Oriental shorthair, one Colorpoint shorthair and a Siamese. No matter the color or body type they are all the same to me…wonderful, personable, loving cats. 🙂

  11. @theTeabag And that human-oriented, social attitude is a crucial trait of the Siamese AND TICA Thai. (Read TICA Thai breed intro) There is no mass import of Thai strays going on. No mass anything but the Thai imports were almost all tame cats from breeders. The 2 cats of unknown origin I mentioned were living in someone's garden & are now at breeders on 2 continents. 1 in US & I hear he is super cuddly. He's just sired 2 litters ( they hope to get 1 or 2 breeding cats) & is being neutered.

  12. I don't see it as replacing them at all but if you see it that way i can absolutely understand your passion about it because I too so much want them preserved. The people I have met who are involved in this do value that century of breeding & don t want to throw it out but want to preserve the old with some addition of genes from the original source b/c there's not a large population of authentic moderate Siamese.
    What traits do you think will be "thrown away into the rubbish" ?

  13. @theTeabag I know about the imports because a year ago I finally decided to join PREOSSIA, the breed club that got the TICA Thai to championship and I've been pretty active, showing a Thai and meeting people & talking & have heard a lot about peoples cats. Re things besides phenotype, if you mean the famous personality & intelligence, I find there is a great emphasis on that. And they want the deeper blue eyes that Western breeders have selected for – that's in the standard.

  14. @theTeabag re post deletions The other day I accidentally posted 2 of the same post, ( For some reason it seemed like it didnt post so i try again and then the original one appears too.) I discovered that one could delete a post, so I deleted one. Then tonight looking at this thread I realised there were still 3 identical posts I had made a while ago when the same thing happened so I deleted 2 of them. I wasnt deleting things that there aren't still a copy of here.

  15. @clevii how do you know the imports are just a few?How did you check this?
    Enthusiast of non-extreme siamese cats wanted to preserve their lineages – not to replace them. You might say colorpoints from thailand are the closest relatives but in fact 100 years of selective breeding in the West for traits other than just phenotype will be thrown away into the rubbish as the outcross progresses. don't get me wrong, thai may be the cutest creatures ever but it'll no longer be a Siamese cat.

  16. that IS way beyond! But that's not in the standard. It really says: "The ideal cat of this breed is a medium to slightly large, pointed cat of foreign type, descended from and resembling the indigenous pointed cats of Thailand" IOW the old type of Siamese. The imports really ARE just a few. The first Thai Supreme Grand Champion is 100% from old Western Siamese lines & is dual registered as Siamese . (my own cat )
    My feelings re TICA Thai have much changed from when i first heard abt it.

  17. @theTeabag pt 3 Breeders using a few imports from Thailand to add genetic diversity to the old style Siamese are in a way following in the footsteps of early Siamese breeders. Was Ch.Prestwick Perak any less a lovely example of a Siamese because her dam Puteh was a non-pedigreed import?
    But it is CRUCIAL to make a distinction between Wichien-maats, even Wichien-moggies & pointed Western moggies like one can register in TCA as "Traditional Siamese" w/ a photo and money

  18. @theTeabag part 2 For Natural Breeds non-pedigreed cats can be registered as the breed if they're from the region of origin AND meet the breed standard.
    10 yrs ago, before TICA accepted the Thai, 3 TICA Allbreed judges (incl a Siamese breeder), examined 2 imported Wichien Maats & allowed them to be registered as Siamese. One commented "They couldnt be anything BUT Siamese"
    & not long ago, CFA's Burmese Breed Council voted to register an imported Suphalak from Thailand as a Burmese.