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  1. I feel bad for Ashley, like here he is proposing to her but then just acts as if there was no true attraction. It's honestly sad, like really he'd considered dating a woman who was accused of murder but wouldn't date a girl who has a few extra pounds on her? It's funny how you can go as far as claiming you're in love with somebody and then just dropping them down to a friend status.

  2. karma. Reminds me of a high school couple i knew. The girl was pretty, married the guy, had a kid. One day she was caught in a house fire, ended up disfigured and burned. The guy sent her divorce papers while she was still in the hospital. A couple months later he ends up crashing his car and flying out his windshield. Ends up a vegetable to this day.

  3. Everyone who is defending Ashley…you forget that she LIED to him, she created a person he wanted but was unable to present…if you ordered the steak and they bring you the chicken you'd be just as pissed

  4. Ok, I watched the whole episode last night, and they showed a mugshot of this other girl named Ashley (who was apparently involved in a homicide) when they were trying to find out information about her…and it literally scared the SHIT out of me. I have no idea why, it was just SO creepy to me. Does anyone else think that, if you've seen the entire episode?

  5. He should be happy that he have a girl that love him in his condition.He should look at himself first because it's going to be hard finding a girl that actually love him the way he is.

  6. Who cares if he didn't like her because she's overweight. Are you ppl really justifying her actions just bc she's big? Everyone has their own preference. Stop shaming ppl for not finding certain things attractive. All of you are hypocrites and if you were in the same position you'd do the same so dont pretend you "only see the personality not looks" she's a liar who wasted his time! Get that thru your heads! Stop pushing these false ideas and agendas!

  7. I felt so bad for him and his condition but i feel sorry for the girl too. He said he'd be willing to date the girl if she was a murderer… but she shows up, turns out she is not a murderer, but he doesn't want to date her cause she has a little extra weight? Like… really… thats the deal breaker. Being a murderer isn't?

  8. I saw this episode and I think he is a douche bag! He says that it is not the look that he was after, but obviously he is because he changed a lot when he finally saw her! She looks like a nice girl.. but i think she deserves someone better than him.

  9. For a guy that is going through what he's going through is tough and its tragic, but its tough to feel sympathy for someone who is as shallow as him. Sure the girl turned out to be some overweight chick, but he was a complete ass to her in every way. He carried himself like a dick and of all people, he should at least have understand a little and stayed friends with her.

  10. I felt sorry for him at 1st, until he seen Ashley and totally flipped the script, from wanting to marry her, to acting like he cant even be friends with her, very weird, also what was crazy, he was ok with giving her a chance, when he thought she was the skinny, very unattractive girl, in jail over a homicide, he was willing to work with that, crazy, Im not saying, just bc you are sick, take whatever you can get, but its a certain way you do stuff, then a little bit after they met, he is talking to someone, all of sudden…….smh

  11. The saddest thing is old dude's shallowness. Ashley can lose the weight but old dude is never going to be able to grow a real backbone (literally and even figuratively). Yet another episode where karma is at work. If I had possibly days to live, I would just be happy for some female with similar interests to want to even spend time with me especially if I am paralyzed and stuck at home.

  12. They should of researched who he was before allowing him on the show. Loads of women have come forward with screen shots of him contacting them and some of these have been under age girls. There's loads of stuff going around on facebook about what he is really like. He is a creep.

  13. I know the guy irl he is exaggerating his paralysis to get attention and he has a new girlfriend every day and he's a little shit that likes to talk shit online I don't have much sympathy for him

  14. This episode was heartbreaking to watch! He didn't even date her because of her looks like I'm ashamed. He's all there saying "come to daddy hey booboo hey princess!" Once he sees her his whole demeanor changes and is kinda cold. She was the sweetest girl ever and she could have made him really happy and he couldn't get past her looks?!? I thought she was really pretty tho. He didn't even have give her a chance and called her "pissy and dramatic" because he wasn't attracted. Then said he found somebody to make him not look bad. Jeeze dude you could even see Nev and Max tryna beat around the bush and not say the real reason.
    I felt really bad for him and I was glad there was a girl who was interested, but he wasn't her type physically yet personality wise she was the same.