Rattlesnake! Zeke’s Finger Ouchie



  1. I completely shredded the nerves in my finger after an accident with a chain saw. They said the nerves may come back. They did, but they rewired different. If you touch my finger tip I feel it on the bottom. If you touch the side I feel the tip. Its really weird. Hope this doesn't happen to him. Its really annoying .

  2. I am from AZ. Visiting my brother-in-law, we were standing in his garage when a baby rattlesnake fell from the rafters onto another friend's shoulder,eek. My brother-in-law reaches over to knock it to the ground and it bites him twice in his little finger The brother-in-law codes twice in the ambulance to the hospital and end up losing most of that little finger. I know two other people that were snake bit. Ugly, ugly wounds.