Rare – Frozen River In North Carolina



  1. Love this vlog of family fun! Don’t understand why people have to one up each other. Looks cold to me! We live near Portland Oregon so I’ll count my blessings for milder weather. If I want snow we’ll head to the mountains and snowshoe. Looks like you will be plenty busy keeping the critters fed and watered (including the kiddos!) Blessings.

  2. What fun! My young nephew really liked it. Your opening shot of your farm with the smoke rising from your chimney and the snow covers hills in the background is so beautiful. Blessings…

  3. I'm from the mountains of Washington State. I grew up with snow on the ground from November to March. I moved to Oklahoma during the summer and it was so hot and humid, that I had trouble breathing. Now I'd have a hard time dealing with the cold snowy winters. Your body acclimatizes. When it's cold (or hot) for your area, it's tough for your body, no matter the temp. Colder and hotter weather does have its obvious challenges for the homestead and animals though. And obviously some temps can be life threatening and they are best to stay out of.

  4. During the summer in WASHINGTON AND OREGON….. They have kids movies new and classics and they are only $1.00 entry !!!!!! Believe its REGAL CINEMAS…… They do it twice a week and very affordable and fun when its extra hot…. I can afford to take my 7 grandkids and my 12 yr old every week 🙂 worth checking out 🙂

  5. SW FL is cold by our standards, but most northerners would be wearing shorts. It all depends on what one is used to. Actually I'm enjoying this cold snap It was almost 32 Thursday morning. I'm good in it with a light jacket. Stay warm and take care

  6. You mentioned Canada as being colder then you. Up here in northern Wisconsin we just had -36*, lots of snow and that dreaded wind chill. No such thing as liquid water around here for two weeks. The cows haven't been out on pasture since October when we had our first serious snow. I believe the cows would like to move south. I believe I'd move with them😀. Stay warm.

  7. Cracks me up when people say "It's cold for us." Yup, when it's cold it's cold for us all. I live in Montana and you never get used to it. I guess that's why so many people go south for the winter when they can. Most of us aren't that fortunate and still have to get the chores done. Is it even possible for human beings to get accustomed to freezing cold and winds? I hope the freeze has a silver lining for you all and maybe you have less ticks this year. I do have empathy for you. I don't like the cold at all myself.

  8. Can you imagine how hard it is for Big Family Homestead? They are in Northern Wisconsin and you just don't want to go out in the cold when it is -20 outside. That is why going to town is a big deal to them and other northerners. You get used to it. When spring comes you love love love spring big time. You guys are going to really love it when it comes to you this year.

  9. Funny! We drove over the Rappahannock River yesterday and it was completely frozen as well. I have never seen it like that. I just wish there were somewhere I could take the kids to see it. It isn't the same to tell them.

    It really has been super cold in our area as well. We actually needed it for the tick control. Last two years have been so warm during the winter and without that deep freeze we end up with a lot of ticks.

    It's always wonderful to return home to dinner already done. Even more wonderful knowing the food you have is because of the fruits of your labors.

    God bless!

  10. I live in NC also but on the coast we are not used to this cold weather. We got 8 inches of snow Wednesday night and it's all still here. Temps in the single digits but Monday it's finally going to be in the 50s. Can't wait for the warm up.

  11. It's called Climate Change. And yes…cabin fever is real so glad you all got out. Movies are a great way to spend a day together. Now…..take care of those coughs. Bundle up good when you go out. Gee……I sound like a grandma…..oh yes, I am !!! Hugs