Quick, Cheap & Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Vegan



  1. I'm not vegan but really want to try encorporating more vegan meals into my diet, as a student it's hard to know what to eat, all these meals look delicious so definitely going to give them a go! Can't wait to see your lunch and dinner ideas alsoπŸ˜‹

  2. Hey Grace….just came across your channel….your video was a joy to watch and put a smile on my face…thanks for that. x….will enjoy watching many more…thanks for sharing your journey…you are truly an inspiration! x

  3. usually i hate vegans for pushing too hard their agenda and looking down on non vegans but you're ok just don't push your vegan agenda soo much i'm here for your personality and fitness tips

  4. I’ve tried to become a vegan in the past but never knew any recipes, I just tried your mushroom recipe and it was filling and delicious!!! I’ve been wanting to try it because you always eat it in your videos and I’m glad I did because it’s awesome!