Poppins The Cat Kneading Her Bed Before Sleep



  1. Your cat is sooooo cute! I have a cat just like that and his name is Steve. He has no tail because he is a Manx. You should look at my channel called steve the cat 55. I have not really fixed some videos that need editing though! The fact that cats knead is very cool. They can give you free back massages!!

  2. Our cat does this, too- such a happy place when he kneads (we call it him making his bed!)

    A question for you, PoppinsTheCat- why did you specify that he has his claws? Of course he should have his claws- declawing is insane!

  3. my friend and i bought home a 2 year old cat yesterday. he did this to me the entire car ride home. like to my boobs and stomach. WHILE biting my sweater. but he was purring so i couldnt really complain could i??

  4. lol i looked up cat kneading since my cat sprinkles is doing it as I write this comment. I love his blank face as he tries to make himself comfortable. Your cat is adorable, nice video.