PIRANHAS EATING along side aggressive tiger barbs and convicts



  1. Hey listen I'm sorry that I came at you like that or came off like an asshole in my experience the Piranhas that I've owned are very ugly with protruding razor teeth sticking out almost like an overbite but hey you could be right so didn't mean to start anything

  2. I've been having this question for a while. Are tiger barbs and green tiger barbs the same except the colour? Mostly character wise. Why are green tiger barbs not as popular as the normal ones even though they have this awesome colour.

  3. Those definitely are not piranhas I've been a aquarium enthusiast for about 30 years, those are pacu they're in the piranha family but they are not the Piranhas that everybody's come to know that are being glorified on the movies…. stop putting out false information…. by the way yes the pacu are going to eat the tiger barbs when they get large enough to do so but all the other fish you have in there are aggressive South and Central American fish some of them like the convicts when paired up can whoop the pacu's asses very easily convicts are hyper aggressive… your so-called piranhas are not aggressive they are one of the most passive in the piranha family

  4. OMG man, if i were an adult pihrana, I'd be sitting in the corner of the tank scrared shitless wondering when my friends who i grew up with were gonna take a chunk outta my ass!

  5. Noooooooo those R not piranhas WTF???? Do U know your fish?? those R semi aggressive fish N R called pacus not piranhas. what U have in your tank R semi aggressive . Oscars, jack Dempsey's N cichlids R aggressive fish besides a few others species. I bet U put piranhas for views. That or U dont know what the heck your talking about haaa

  6. I once had 20 piranhas and when they grew bigger nothing else could survive in the aquarium but one tiger barb (my friend gave me) that I added later. There were actually three tiger barbs, but the other two were eaten. The one which survived, kept hiding and fed on piranhas food remnants. It slowly adapted with the piranhas and finally even swam together with them, feed with them (I thought it mimicked them). They grew together.