Pat McNamara on Range Theatrics



  1. I freely admit i have the overwhelming urge to speed draw , crack off a head shot, twirl it and re-holster as fast as possible and start saying "Come on! Come on ! Come on Johnny….well you're no Daisy at all." based purely on the movie Tombstone. Problem is the only thing I can actually do well is the talking part. And the watching of the movie. I can watch the shit out of that thing.

  2. Unfortunately winers are winers and losers are losers . You can train all you want and up against the average you will win but against a winner you will lose. Some of us are gun fighters and some are not. Some are fist Fighters and some are not . But anyone who sees this comment is a beast at one of the two or a libtard lol

  3. Buy what Pat McNumara says here. Also wonder if the target/threat in front is eliminated, maintaining surveillance on the surroundings is necessary in certain situations. Just don't make it theatrical. A video on Youtube titled Marine Corps Combat Pistol Training depicts such a practice.

  4. Mr MacNamara….most people aren't ultra-beast killing machines such as yourself. In fact, most people are retards. Sheeplike people who need to be taught to "look around" after sending muhammed straight to hell with a nice mozambique. Hell, I'm guilty as the next tacticool retard, but dammit, next time a motherfucker tries to jack me I'm either gonna beat him to the shot or ambush him in the act. Either way…I bet my dumbass looks around after that to see if his accomplices have anything to say about it. lol These faggots never go it alone. Just sayin'! 😀

  5. while pulling the gun back to you and looking AROUND AFTER EVERY SHOT, if fucking stupid…telling people not to do it is just as FUCKING STUPID… and I dont care how scary you look, or what you did in the military or whos father you can beat up, how big your cock is… when you are training to kill people as a civilian, you dont train as a 3-gunner or a target shooter, or even a grunt in the Military. As a CIVILIAN, after you put down a threat, you pull the gun back to yourself, making yourself small and compact, and at the same time search for another threat, if you see one, you engage it. Keeping your arms outstretched and swinging the gun around looking for another target can get you hurt or you can hurt others around you in a multitude of ways, you could strike into an object, another threat can grab your arms, you could be exposing your arms to gun fire where your body is still behind cover….a responding Officer can see you swinging that gun around and think you are a threat.

  6. Those theatrics he's talking about & demonstrating remind me a lot of a certain well known YouTube firearms instructor who's well known for that. Countless people have watched his videos and taken to copy him. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but if it's not truly practical or applicable to a real life tactical situation, than it needs to be corrected. Given the choice, I'd rather learn from Pat.