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  1. Hi, my 2 budgies that I've had for 3 months (I think) just don't want to get tamed… one hates being touched and is terrified and the other one is letting me touch her and take her out of the cage but she is also very scared please I need help. Thanks

  2. hi PW I want to get a cocktail but I don't know if they are the right pet for me
    I have budgies and I take very good care of them I still go to school but it ends at about one o'clock so I will have time and I have a space for their cage but I just want to know about entertainment
    if I get them I will get two but I don't know if that will be enough (I will get them toys to ) how long do you have to take them out the cage everyday
    does anyone else have cockatiels but goes to school if so please drop some advice
    I can take care of them but I don't want them to get bored or anything (BTW I don't have to worry about my budgies getting bored because the male is constantly hyper so )
    thanks !

  3. Hi parrot whisperer! I have a pet cockatiel named Harvey. I love Harvey but he is completely untamed and is afraid of me. We've had him since before I was born so I never really had a chance to try to tame him because I used to like to tease him when I was little so he became really scared of everyone. As I mentioned before he's older than me so we don't know when he will die and I want to try to make a connection with him before it's too late. I watched your video that had a scared cockatiel but that cockatiel seemed calm compared to Harvey. Harvey is scared to get out of his cage and even when he does come out he just flies off. He'll step up on your hand for a little bit before trying to get off but usually if you try to get anywhere near him he'll threaten to bite you. If you can help me out in any way I will really appreciate it!

  4. hey can u do a vid about parrots fav food and the best treats to feed them plz im buying a female cocktail and im watching ur vids alot lol and boy u rock! sooo pretty plz do a vid i really need to know

  5. Oh it's the senegal parrot, so cute 🙂 I'm scared that my bird will be scared in a different room when I go to train him, he will often call his mate when he's in a other room. Any ideas on what to do?