Overwatch – These Hips Don’t Lie



  1. the only reason people are complaining is because these characters were pretty much brought into the comic and game to be overly sexualized. and it's kind of gross and weird that ppl beat their meat to pixels but u do u i guess ?

  2. I could careless about the body and more about about the game, is it fun? Or better for more hardcore gamers? See? But I've heard quite some bullshit from "Radical"(More like Rancid)Feminists, for me… Many people confuse me for a guy, thats fine, I can go by many names/nicknames but… There is one good thing from a video game I have on my 3ds, The Denpa Men. It's an RPG with turn-based battles and is by Genius Sonority. There's a Denpa girl kidnapped, her name is Crystal/Akari. After yoy save her, she'll join the Hero and his party. See? I can think of one series that allows a female to be a heronry or the entire family…

  3. Of course it's unrealistic, it's a game. That's the point of a game, it's called fantasy for a reason, fantasy: as in fiction, therefore unrealistic. If anyone buys a game and expects it to be realistic (unless that is the intended dynamic of the game) then they deserve to be disappointed, the characters in overwatch are perfect, the fit the quota for a UNREALISTIC/ FICTIONAL game universe, and if one is too sensitive by their own clouded views in life to realize that then they can simply not play it.