Online Nootropic Vendor Modafinil Cat SHUT DOWN!



  1. I simply cannot believe a physician would Rx you Modafinal. You actually appear to need a sedative or mood stabilizer. But hey, I'm not a doctor, but even a layperson can see you should not be taking Modafinal.

  2. I might be the first case of schizophrenia due to modafinil consumption in canada. According to my doctor I have a few symptoms and it's not confirmed yet but pray for me Steve it's really goin bad. I'll keep u updated

  3. dude stop lying and be honest. whats getting you so high like that? i can see body language and it doesnt lie bro. wtf you on? are the nootropics really getting you like that? or what is it? be honest

  4. what's the best nootropic for study ? I have an Test in one month and have waaaaaaay much information to retain. Also which nootropic would you recommend for ansiety before an exam or test. I hope I wrote the words right haha (I'm spanish) Very great video !

  5. Hi !
    Please help me with your advise. I have a very big exam and I need to learn two books of ~900 pages (A4 format with high text density).
    In my country modafinil could be found only like Aspendos 100mg. Never tried it but my mind is to try it out. The problem is that you need a prescription for it and also it is very expensive, that's why I'm asking your advise. Should I buy it or not ? Do you really feel smarter or do you really get maximum focused by using it or it is just commercials ?
    What you feel by using it ? Do you think that Aspendos 100mg has the same effect or it is just a worthless generic drug ?
    I already have Pramiracetam. Could you make for me a comparation between Pramiracetam and Modafinil (aka Aspendos for me) if not bother ? Which one is better ? What you advise you me to do ?
    Thank you very much !
    PS: Please answer me as fast as you can because I don't have time, the exam is coming.

  6. You are growing on me though! Thought I was subscribed I guess because I watch all your videos you just show up, but it's official hito the button thanks for your great content! and your face!

  7. Hey steve one question modafinil cat shut down but it links to another cite, afinil express I think. Anyways is it a good idea to buy from them, have you, and are you going to make a video on it?

  8. Modafinil is expensive
    Adrafinill dosent works well on me
    I have panic attacks on MPH
    Only caffeine with l-theanine works ok on me.
    I think I will probly try anti anxiety herbals mixed with caffeine and MPH it should be best for me.

  9. Ive been buying modafinil online since jan and ive used modafinilcat and its sad to see them go but now i buy from rexrx and afinilexpress wich is one of the sites modcat sudjested in the email to use as welll

  10. By the way, i suggest you to use n-acetyl-cisteine (500-600 mg daily) to help your liver recover during your no-drug-holiday. This compound is used to help clear mucus during respiratory illnesses. But it has also a restoring power to the liver functions, since it is the precursor of glutathione (an antioxidant molecule produced in the liver). For this same reason acetyl-cisteine is also the antidote for liver drug intoxications (such as from paracetamol). See you in your next videos

  11. Interesting to hear your taking a year long break. What spurred that decision? Did you take smaller breaks in between nootropics when you used them? And one last question if I may, Do you notice a large difference, In other words do you think you built up your brain and body's natural production of amino acids etc and exercised enough neuro-pathways that it has had a lasting positive effect? Im interested in hearing more, thnx!!