Official Trailer | LETHAL WEAPON



  1. One year later, waiting for season 2! I can confirm that this show was indeed a tremendous success, and the way it's not blatantly trying to be exactly like the classic movies, makes it more than forgivable to love this show! 9/10

  2. Me being someone that has not seen the movies, I very much liked the shows. I'm about to watch the movies and guessing they will outshine by far. Although i think it's only positive that even if the shows "suck" comparing to the movies, at least people will watch them if they haven't seen them right :)?

  3. do people not realize that the rapport betwen Joe Pesci, Danny Glover, and Mel Gibson was the whole point of lethal weapon. They should just make a lethal weapon 5 with 70 year old Murtaugh and 60 year old Riggs instead of this crap.

  4. [2]"not sure if all the retards on here have noticed but they've pretty much remade all movies into TV shows in the last few Years, Rush Hour, Lethal Weapon, Excorcist, the script writers have gone piss poor and run out of their own ideas and cashing in on someone else success, hopefully the original writers are getting the royalties not these bottom feeders ripping off their ideas"[2] [Pette Roberts] from "Frequency | First Look Trailer | The CW" by "The CW Television Network"