Natural Remedy for Cat & Dog UTI Issues



  1. Our cat was originally a stray cat. She won't let anyone hold her to put drops in her mouth. I'll put it in her food.
    My father used to make Tinctures the way that you instructed. I'll also use that remedy for myself if need be.

  2. MY mother is somewhat of an expert on cats. She told me that cat litter (especially the clumping kind) also gives cats UTI. Something to do with ingesting cat litter granules while licking their paws after using the litter box. Also, cats and dogs on a raw (as nature intended) diet have far fewer incidents of UTI.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I have 4 cats and my two males tend to have serious problems with UTIs and I get so tired to hauling them to the vet and spending tons of money trying to keep it under control only to have it happen again so I went looking for a natural remedy to help reduce the UTIs and vet visits. So thank you for this video! I went to Amazon and ordered some of this stuff right away.

  4. My yorkie has been having issues with his liver, he is now on a strict diet for it, but now his urine is smelling bad n he has urinated on my carpet. He normally would let me know that he needs to go outside. Would this stuff be ok to give to him? Im afraid to give him anything because of his liver.

  5. My dog suffered on and of from UTI for 4 years.. was on various antibiotics till the bacteria became immune to most of them..with no permanent solution in sight I took the help of Internet where I found the benefits of ACV and started mixing it in her bowl of water…she has shown no sign of UTI since past 6 had taken 2 weeks to show positive result…I continue to give her ACV as a precaution…just sharing my experience.

  6. my mail cat is spring which he never does when we got him he already got all of his the shots and stuff like that we had him for like maybe 3 years and he got to my dad's house he just started peeing blood like the whole thing just bloody and he starts spraying blood at first it was just sraying and then blood started coming and it is just pee and then blood started coming out and I'm like what's going on??

  7. Thanks, I almost took my cat back to the vet as she started peeing on my leather couch and in the floor. There are videos of other cats doing this on you tube, but I thought she was she mad about something. I took her to the vet and she has a terrible urinary tract infection and inflammation/bloody urine. She is on antibiotics now for 1 week and completely started using littler box again. so happy and relieved. Maybe I need to use wet food too. She also was scratching me when I would pick her up and I think she was in pain.

  8. Did you ever try the cranberry extract ? Is the cranberry extract something that you are using now and have replaced the product that you were talking about In this video? After all the products that you have tried so far, what is the final verdict on the product you recommend?

  9. THANK YOU soo much for sharing this video and your trial and errors. I will definitely be ordering this to help prevent any future UTI's for my male cat. We currently just changed his diet and HOPE the antibiotic shot kicks in and heals him. You're so right, when they suffer we suffer. Thank you again for sharing. Very helpful!! xoxoxo

  10. Cats usually develope UTI's from eating dry food.

    I used dmanoose a little fresh asparagus juice mixed with a little fresh carrot juice for my cats. It usually clears them up fast. I also use a small amount of Chamomile tea so they are not in any pain if they develope a UTI.

  11. hey Julie! last month my 3 year old Hachi experienced blockage , the vet flushed his bladder and he peed when we got home but 2 days after he was blocked again and he was cathetrized.After removing the catheter he was doing good and was peeing normally till the day before . he peed in 2 min and there was a blood in a mucus form with the urine even though we are still on the meds and on the royal canin urinary diet . i called the vet and she added 2 more meds and yesterday he peed in no time and a good quantity but am still dead worried , why was there blood after the improvement ? should i try the apple acid vinegar ? which is better the royal canin or wet food ? thank you in advance Julie

  12. My cat has a urinary infection. I am very scared that he will not make it. He has peed in different places, leaking blood, using the litter box for a long amount of time, etc. He is only five years old. I am extremely worried. I would love advice. Please Help!

  13. What also helps is raw feeding, at least skip the dry food they're not good for the cat at all , with much too high salt content, which is not natural for cats, it can cause kidney problems, UTI and stones. Giving yoghurt also helps, this makes the urine more sour, killing bacteria that may cause the UTI 🙂

  14. Thanks for the post. My 14 year old cat has been getting regular UTI's and like your Cindy, is no longer responding to vet meds….so going to give this a try. had hundreds of positive reviews on this stuff…so fingers crossed it works for my furry feline 🙂

    P.S. Going to check out your book too!!!