Narcissistic Abusers and Their Targets — Are There Commonalities



  1. I was looking through my older content today and found this video that I had forgotten all about. If anyone is interested, I think it would be fun to compare zodiac signs for the abusers as well (assuming that's likely the only info we know). I am not an expert by any means so if you are looking for a really serious discussion this won't be it.
    I mostly was just playing around with some theories and asked my viewers to provide me with some data to see if what seemed to be showing up in my own life held up when looking at a bigger sample. For us it is all about water and fire.

  2. Sun Gemini in 10th house, Moon in Scorpio in 4th, Leo Ascendant, but I'm also an INFP.
    INFP as a woman is ok, but as a man it's pretty unattractive and useless in this world. We INFP's are the suckers of this world.