1. "When I'm pregnant my butt gets pregnant" 😂 You are too cute. I have to say you look amazing! All my pregnancies I seem to gain nowhere except MY FACE 😂 My youngest is a rainbow baby too so I'm glad you said that you try not to focus on "what might have been" because God is sovereign. I do find myself focusing on what would have been his bday or the anniversary of his m/c but I also realize that this baby (1 next month 😮) wouldn't be here without the loss of baby Phoenix. "God is sovereign and what IS is what is supposed to be" I'll try to focus on that more. Thanks Jaimi.

  2. I am almost 7 months pregnant and was nervous about stretch marks since I have gotten them before elsewhere. I've been using argan life Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil twice a day since i was about 3 months. Just started my second bottle, definitely a must have.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about having a connection with #3! I didn't with 1 & 2 either but I just knew my third and had an instant connection. Curious how your connection is with #4? I'm newly pregnant with my fourth also.

  4. I'm probably the last person to find out about this, so all you other ladies probably already know. If you don't, though, try taking a B6 supplement for nausea! I didn't know during my first pregnancy and just endured the nausea, but during my second, it made a HUGE difference!

  5. I have had four all natural births and I give the Lord all the Glory. I am not Super Woman, its all God's work because I hate pain. My hubby and I pray through out my pregnancies up untill I am pushing. In fact we do not let anyone know I am pregnant untill I am showing and after I am anointed by the church elders.

  6. Your Q&A's are my fave!💕 I just love who you are. Yes that Ina May Gaskin book is everything! So glad I read some of those birth stories before I gave birth to my first. It was so empowering. So interesting how you had more of a sense of who Jude was 🙂 this pregnancy I feel like I really know my daughter too but we'll see!💕 it'd be fun to make a video predicting things about her 🙂

  7. With my last baby (#4) I prayed so much for the labor and delivery and while in labor I listened to worship music in ear buds so I could focus better on the music and could also turn it down to hear my husband too. I've had 4 natural births, all were good, but this last one was by far the best and I think it's because I focused on the Lord so much throughout my pregnancy and during labor and delivery. This last labor was so, so special for that reason. I will never forget worshipping while in labor. I'm so excited for you! While labor and delivery is hard, it's so amazing!!

  8. Oooooh do people love to share horror stories. But let me tell you I had the best experience right before I had Ryals. The wife of a coworker called me and said "I just want to speak peace to you." It was an amazing conversation. Less than 48 hours later I went into labor.

  9. I too lived off of apples…green apples…during my pregnancy where I suffered from extreme nausea! It helped tremendously. Otherwise, I would just constantly keep a preggie pop drop in my mouth.

  10. We are currently trying for our second and have had two early miscarriages so far. Each loss is hard and it can be hard to understand why things like that happen. But you're right God is good and is in the middle of all of it :). Thanks for the reminder.

  11. 100% on your last comment. Morning sickness is so so hard. In Canada we can get a diclectin prescription from the midwives I call them right away and ask them to fax the prescription to my pharmacy, cuz often you don't get an appointment until way later on! The prescription is expensive and makes you so tired but definitely worth it.

  12. Forgive me for being intrusive but did you get pregnant while nursing? My husband and i are trying for our third and having a hard time. 🙁 I am still nursing my 17 month old only twice a day. Its hard to not get discouraged we are both older so time is not on our side. Thank you