My Hair Care Routine



  1. Try water washing. ..surprisingly it works. ..if you have soft water. And maybe a wash or two every month. The first time I water washed my hair was super greasy…. then I rinsed with warm water, and it looked% 100 clean. Plan on going back to it. But you have to keep your hair product free or it will build up and not rinse out.

  2. Hey! I've watched your videos for a while and I enjoy them very much. I was just wondering if you have tried something like a sulfate free shampoo (I use shea moisture) and how it fared for you. I use shea moisture with good results, but I have wavy-slightly curly hair. I'm curious to know how it would work with straighter hair. And I wanted to let you know that I've had terrible results with using Dr. Bronners for shampoo. I really really really wanted it to work, but my hair was always kind of waxy/greasy feeling afterward. I stumbled across a website for shampoos recommended for dreadlocks, and this site said Dr. Bronners was not recommended for dreadlocks. It said if Dr. Bronners is used, a wax/oil removal cleanse should be done afterward. Reading that and my personal experience made me pretty conviced Dr. Bronners is not so great for hair. But if it works for you that's awesome! I wish it had worked for me!

  3. I'm just not sure if I have time to boil things every time I need to wash my hair :/ Yours is gorgeous though! I want to find a natural way to wash my hair. They all seem to dry it out.

  4. I also use Innate Life, as per recommendation from Sarah Nagel (holistichabits) and I love it so much 🙂 I use Alaffia African Black Soap as shampoo and it's perfect for my dry curly hair:)