Michael Jordan Receives The Presidential Medal of Freedom



  1. I know I'm late AF with saying this, but congratulations Michael.
    Your dad would be very proud of you, not just in this moment, but for everything you've achieved in the past AND present, on and off the court.
    And to those who may dislike me saying this, I say this: You don't have to love or even LIKE Michael Jordan, but you HAVE to respect him.
    I personally AM a fan of his, but even if I wasn't, I would STILL respect him.
    Just sayin'.

  2. Sorry, these guys get their fame and I get nothing. I was flown to Pakistan so the hit on Bin Laden took place, and I get nothing. I get, "that never happened" from asshole Americans. I get "Do you still believe this happened?" from a psych. I get shit on after playing a big role in Osama Bin Laden being killed and Saddam Hussein being arrested. I guess you could say I was in the "intelligence" role which kept humanity safe as much as I could do. I get shit on, and entertainers get credit. Thanks America, you are truely fucking cocksuckers. Americans will forever give credit to entertainers and folks who have no business getting mass credit. Mike was an entertainer. Real folks never get their credit, such as Jerry Shriver, who spent 3 years straight in Vietnam. He wouldn't leave his indigenous tribe he worked with to come home. He spent 3 years, 3 YEARS straight, in Vietnam ans they never recovered his body. America? Who are the true heroes who deserve the presidential attention? Entertainers? No. If Obama sits up there accrediting Mike, he needs accredit every single man who lost his life in the recent wars. America is going to shit, we put entertainers on a pedestal. That shows the true American in us, we value what entertains us, not what keeps us safe. Fuck you America, I'm sorry I saved some of your pathetic motherfucking lives, believe me, In am SORRY I didn't say "fuck them, they don't care about me, why should I take a health problem to care about them". Fuck you government, fuck you America, I'm sorry for the services I gave you. Suck my ass.

  3. Michael Jordan of Rabbis LMFAO
    I just pictured some Rabbi talking trash at a bar mitzvah
    'U cant see me, none of ya'll…I'm the Michael Jordan of Rabbis, ya'll best recognize….sheeet!…..You think I'm playin….I aint playin!''

  4. i liked obama until this bullshit. Thing is, this was the Democratic party saying you need to secure the black vote again, before you're re-election. So they gave 95% of young black American's idol, the honor of freedom. They completely ignored how he betted on basketball while playimg basketball

  5. Medal of freedom?
    this guys did nothing but over charge kids for some ugly ass plastic shoes
    He also didn't say shit when his people where acting like fools and killing each other like savages over some shoes made in china smh

    hold this L for me sneaker community

  6. MJ gets involved in something and he becomes the best:
    NBA: Greatest player ever
    Sneaker game: Greatest sneaker maker.