Mens Long Hair: My Wash Routine



  1. I shower/wash my hair at night too; mostly because I'm not a morning person and would rather sleep an extra 10 minutes. 🙂 I have natural curl and can't wash everyday or it gets super dry and frizzy. I'm starting to play with the hair oils; definitely a learning curve to not go overboard!

  2. Great video. Seems we have a pretty similar hair care routine. I washed mine today and did the coconut oil hair masqe and washed it out with conditioner after a couple of hours. I use coconut oil in all my hair including the scalp. I have pretty dry hair and scalp so it gets super soft and managable and scalp doesn't itch. =)

  3. Really good to know Patrick!! So you don't recommend to wash it daily, don't you? I do it day by half, one day whashed, let rest it tomorow, but yes the next day. hope you understand my "english" 🙂 !! see you soon!!

  4. Funny, when I got my hair cut…my dandruff came back. Go figure! I appreciate the 'less is more' approach when it's longer. The natural oils are probably the best thing for one's hair…and saves on the water bill : ) Hair's looking pretty impressive I've got to say. Great length, volume~

  5. That's really good information! I go 2 days without washing my hair the third day. I wash with herbal essence for color treated hair. I condition my hair more often than wash it less fallout and dryness.

  6. Right now because of budget reasons I use cheap Pert shampoo+conditioner, but I feel like my hair gets too dried out when I use it. Do you think I should condition again afterwards?

  7. Sulphate is the 'spectator' ion (anion) here, the active or cleaning component is the cathion in this instance.
    It doesn't matter if it's chloride, bromide, acetate or otherwise. There's a load of bullshit you'll read from the scientifically illiterate or just charlatans on matters of cosmetics I'm afraid.
    Please don't propagate this shit.