Maya Tutorial – How to create a realistic Eyeball with Arnold



  1. I hate when Yotubers are saying things like "this is not a texturing tutorial" or something along the lines. Texturing is a huge part of this 3d model of an eye other you would see the lambert material in the final render. besides, it's more content for the viewers to see and know about. although not going to lie, this video is pretty useful on everything else, but it just bothers me sometimes whenever they say those things. I'm considering making the same video myself except explaining how these textures work myself to show what i mean

  2. @Edge-CGI tutorials and more! When I render out, the sclera is all black and I can only see the iris…I've clearly gone wrong somewhere but I can't work it out for the life of me. I've been over all my connections in the Hypershade node editor, a number of times now. Somebody please help me lol

  3. The hardest part i find is nodes in Hypershade ….wish i knew what i do there. ..its bit complicated to connect nodes without knowing how thinks works there ..i like the ens result here…wow! thanks for sharing

  4. Kind of hard to follow without prior knowledge. I'm trying my best to make sense of what all you're doing here, but you're not explaining everything. I guess that's my shortcoming.

    Still retaining some pretty useful knowledge. I just have that one peeve about the video.

  5. hey man really awesome tutorial, really really awesome, but I had some problems that, since im a beginner dont know how to solve, I will link you some images showing you my problems: that black line appears and i dont know what to do or why is it appearing The Sclera_TM file for me is like moved or too big and I dont know how to solve it, any help, I would really appreciate it!