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  1. I am glad I am not the only one who talks to cats like that! I also "threaten" to eat them if they keep up with the cuteness! Thank you for all your reviews and for giving these babies a loving home 🙂

  2. Your cat us beautiful.sure loves that bed.I will fwt one for my cat Mochi, she has three beds including mine, I think she will love that will cat cave. I can gwr her one for Christmas. I will send one to friends who have six cats.they live on the big island of Hawaii up involxano where it is cooler.their two old cats will live it it will be really cozy for themto snuggle in.they are around sixteen years old.

  3. Awww – they really pull out their kitten-mode with that cat cave. I dont know what it is but sometimes I could swear that cats in general prefer natural wool material over synthetic material for beds. Its like the organic and natural feel of the material get them somehow. I have a filt-style cat cave which are made from lamb wool from my grand parents this spring harvest of wool from their sheep. The blanket weight 60 pounds and is quite large and was to fit my kind size bed as a cover. I haven't even been allowed to unfold it yet to see the complete pattern and color. It lies, folded, be the fireplace where it fits 2 Norwegian Forest cats, 1 German Shepard and 1 rabbit.

  4. I like adopting, but ragdolls are so cute! I wonder, my cats most of the time pee in their beds so I generally wash them out and try again later. Anybody with this problem?

  5. My cat had a blanket that she just loved. It didn't matter where you put it, she would sleep there. I tried putting it on the refrigerator once, and low and behold, she jumped up there.

  6. thanks for the video!
    wow, that's a really spacious-looking cave! seems like it's made especially to fit the bigger-sized cats! that's nice! the cats going into the cave is really cute to see, and that they enjoy playing while inside it, that's a great bonus! Trigg having the crazies was totally adorable, though!