LIFE HACKS FOR PET OWNERS! | Pet Care Tips & Tricks!



  1. I like the idea of keeping a larger container for pet food in the garage. I try to dump the large bag into a large container in our kitchen and it just takes up so much space. We have a goldendoodle and although he doesn't shed he does get matted. That brush seems perfect. TFS! I love pet related videos.

  2. What a sweet puppy! We have 3 dogs and they like to make nose art on our sliding glass door. Another thing that works really well is a wet microfiber cloth. If you use warm water and vinegar it wont streak but when I am in a hurry just use water and it comes right off. I found this shocking because I have used a whole roll of paper towels and windex to scrub it off.. but with very little effort the microfiber takes it right off! I have never thought to use baby wipes! I am going to have to pick some up. Our yard can get super muddy in the fall and spring so I will have to try this!

  3. Hi Loki you look like a big sweetheart! Thanks for the video, great tips! We have a similar food system, love those screw top tubs! I think I'm going to try that salmon oil supplement, what an easy way to get that without having to wrestle a pill into them! Wow totally gotta try the magic eraser trick too! What we do for our fur babies 😆

  4. We have 2 Goldens. Do you ever cut Loki's hair? It gets really hot in the summer and we started clipping them really short in the summer months. I heard good and bad about cutting their hair. Just curious if you have ever done this?