King Crimson w Greg Lake-Cat Food-Top Of The Pops March 1970



  1. Obviously they were lip-syncing…unfortunately. This is from the 2nd album, In the Wake of Poseidon, which is SO underrated! Great album, start to finish.
    r.i.p. Greg you legend!

  2. It is funny watching people attempt to dance to this… I guess I'm just not adventurous enough, but I've always felt that the first album was their greatest musical achievement. Which other K.C. (without the Sunshine Band) albums would you recommend that had a similar feel as the first release? Thank you.

  3. What an awesome – and funny song. Heartbroken over Keith still. Now Greg has gone too. I'm not on social media anymore, so my mates didn't telI me Greg was gone. Only found out today, and am heartbroken. There is a heaven – there must be one hell of a music festival going on up there!!!

  4. It is all playback of course… And Greg Lake(rip)here holding an acoustic guitar while P. Giles mimes playing the bass, had already been with ELP at the time, consenting to sing in the second King Crimson record in return for the use of the King Crimson P.A. by his new band.

  5. Greg Lake was the total package….he had the looks, the voice, the musical chops, and the creativity that made him one of the greatest frontmen in rock n roll history…those gifts are so underappreciated today….RIP Greg Lake….Legend