Jennifer Lawrence: My New Horror Film ‘Mother!’ Is ‘An Assault’ | TODAY


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  1. Geez…….did someone kidnap Javier Bardem and FORCE him to be in this movie?!? An actor like Javier, wow, I never thought he would be in a bad movie. Bad pick on his part. He should have passed on this project. Again, worst………ever. Don't waste your time or your money.

  2. Stupid movie and no, it's not about mother nature, it's about Jennifer Lawrence being initiated into the satanic elite along with her other movie Red Sparrow to complete her initiation.

  3. An that's why her and her Liberal Hollywood peers shouldn't be quoting things like religion. they don't respect it and their ALWAYS too political. SHE talks like she's in the Amityville House and like that script is just going to come at her and murder her in the middle of the night. I really isn't that bad for her and hers. hope she don't think her movie is gonna be a smash hit it looks like it may be okay but not legendary

  4. No US president is responsible for buying a family a new place to live, The government needs to keep their hands out of our pockets except for Military, the gas (hwy fuel usage tax) covers our fixing and rebuilding roads and the public school system is a joke, so is the US post office etc. If you can't afford homeowners insurance or flood insurance, you simply don't buy a home, buy a couple acres and build you a house.

  5. "9/11 is God's judgement on America for its sins." Jerry Falwell 2001

    "These hurricanes are mother nature's wrath against America for voting for Trump." Jennifer Lawrence 2017

    Different people, same fuckwit ideology.

  6. Jennifer admits she doesn't like interacting with her fans. She thinks the flood victims got what they deserved, because they voted for Trump. Give away the plot so I don't have to watch movie.

  7. It's not even a horror film to be honest, it's a movie of about symbolism. Jennifer is Mother Earth, Javier is God, and there is Kain and Able, Jesus, and just a whole lot of symbolism about the wrongs of humanity

  8. Lawrence's drunken interview with Seth Myers was a disaster and full of wine. I'm surprised that Kathie Lee and Hoda didn't offer this drunk some of their wine for this interview despite the fact that Savannah is the one giving the questions. It's time for Jennifer to seek rehab!

  9. Mother earth does not exist in the bible… So failure 1 right there. 2nd failure anti Christian, Jewish, Muslim hate film produced by atheists. The film is offensive, defames and blasphemes God, great way for her to end her career, since most of the world has some sort of faith.

  10. "Mother" was a fine and artsy movie. But as far as horror-haven't been so disappointed in a long time.‬ I'm very bored of art movies pretending to be horror movies. I love them once in a while, but I really want a unique, disturbing movie not based on a book or a remake, good luck huh? LOL! I was hoping for a horror movie-I got a big movie about religious allegories. Yeah. It's a good movie for sure and I appreciate how different it was. However, when I go to a horror movies-I'd like to be scared and I'd like a movie that makes sense. I think I'll re-watch "Black Swan" and "The Witch." Both awesome horror movies with art-house themes.

  11. Jennifer Lawrence needs to stick to making movies and stay out of politics and real world issues altogether. Leftist views have no place in the real world. I'm so proud to be of the silent majority! MAGA!