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  1. hello vogue! whoever chooses the stills for the thumbnail must be a bit jealous of these women since usually it is the moment when they look the most old or from a weird angle. whne you move the cursor over you see that she doesn't have wrinkles but in the thumbnail she does.

  2. I wouldn't change my eyeliner, I feel it looks chic, sophisticated, and well put. I notice a bit of arrogance to this lady, the only thing I can say is that a combination of both is good, is how good you look.

  3. The minimal look looks great on her, but maybe don't put down others' style of doing makeup. Every culture and country has a different approach and that should be celebrated, not criticized because it's not like our own.

  4. I started getting happier the less I wore makeup. Not 'happier' exactly, just less burdened with the thought of covering my flaws when it didn't even matter. I could consider myself beautiful and love my physical looks, or I could just not care about them, and I choose the latter. Less burden. Now I truly enjoy when I put on the little makeup that I do wear because I only do that sometimes when I want to enhance some kind of look my face has that day or go for a unique look at an outing. When you do it everyday you can wear the fun and the creativity out of it and it can start to take on a negative meaning. I'm all for letting girls wear what they want, but I think it would be wise for many to consider putting the foundation down for a second, it's inconsequential anyway. Anyhow, there are more important things about me than how I (or anyone) appear, as long as I am clean and washed of course. That's a matter of hygeine.