Is Papaya Better In Chiang Mai Thailand Compared To Canada?



  1. u need to learn a lot of about picking ripe and fresh fruit, from smell, hard/softnss, color, form etc., if you bite into a good tropical fruit like there are many in thailand, you will not even be able to talk about it it’s so heavenly

  2. Papaya, passion fruit, and dragon fruit are three of the world's most disappointing fruits. The names make you think "Ohh, it's TROPICAL! It's going to be bursting with flavor!" Then you eat it, and it's just… "Huh…"

  3. Welcome to the hood bro! Told you that you would love it. ALL the vegan crew do who come here. Gets better every year food wise. I thought you didnt eat fruit? Only brocoli and sprouts? Now you eating GMO papaya? 🤣 (Pretty hard to avoid GMO food in SE Asia unless you grow it yourself in a quarantine area where GMO pollen spores can contaminate.)

    When will we see you racing up the doi bro? There is a good chin up bar at the top. We will strip that gluten gut off you VP! 😉

  4. Honestly i am surprised that you survive in tropical country because you couldnt survive a catlick before.))) i was worried a little but how you stand for yourself during the hovering bug attack is fasсinating)))

  5. Beautiful place. Don't be afraid of insects and (small) animals/reptiles; the one hovering won't harm you; if you're afraid you'll attract animals/insects that may harm you. Enjoy nature and all the beings in it.