If Vegans Said the Stuff Meat-Eaters Say



  1. I love this, but you missed one! When people find out I'm vegetarian (but slowly turning vegan) they say "What do you do for thanksgiving?" And once I got "So, do you like, just eat a little meat?"

  2. "oh we're omnivoresssss..weeee're meeeeant to eat meeeeeat" lol..soo fucking sick o dat shit..i tell em to eat all their meat raw and kill it themselves if it so friggin "natural"..natural my ass. it stuffs up your colon gives you botulism makes you sick clogs your arteries etc etc etc

  3. I'm genuinely interested in the answer to this question: what if you were stuck on an island, no escape route or anything. The sand was not eatable and there was only a chicken. Would you eat it because you have nothing to survive on?