I cut all my hair off, and stopped using shampoo! || Results after 1 year.



  1. I used to do this when I lived in the country, well water, it actually made my fire engine red hair last longer, and it didn't bleed! But then I moved back to the city and it became a pain to balance the pH every shower. So I just use a super gentle "shampoo" every few weeks with an oil face wash to cleanse it similarly to oil cleansing the face. I have super long hair that's bleached and such and so I use conditioner on my ends still, but I have saved a lot of money by not buying shampoo

  2. Dont forget that pregnancies change your hair, too. My already thick hair grew even more so during pregnancies, and after the babies were born, there was a period where I lost quite a bit of hair, and then things would go back to normal. Pregnancy hair was very nice!

  3. Yes top gear! Hahaha. I know exactly what you mean about hard water though! I tried to use a tea tree hemp based castile soap instead of head & shoulder for dandruff but unfortunately my water is too hard & I was freaking out my hair felt so awful. Like id just poured a candle over my head, I hated it! Trying some different products soon that I hope work, but its great you were able to find something for yourself!!

  4. Omg this was a revelation. I couldn't understand why shampoo bars (soaps) worked for me in certain places and didn't in others. It was obvious that water was the problem but I had no idea why, so now that I'm living in a big city I absolutely cannot use shampoo bars because of that greasy, waxy layer you mentioned (besides, my scalp is already very oily so it would also get very itchy and my hair would look horrible)! I still use organic shampoos though. Now I will definitely try to rinse with apple vinegar and see if it works, because shampoo bars are so much cheaper and produce less waste! 🙂

  5. My area has very very hard water.
    Lush has some wonderful shampoo bars, that are very mild to the scalp and hair (I have very brittle hair and sensitive skin) and they make my curly hair soft and nice, no conditioner needed! It's really a lifesaver if you don't live in an area with soft water, would totally recommend it to everyone. They are kind of expensive but I've had mine since forever!

  6. I tried using shampoo bar (aka soap) and the water where I currently live is so hard that there was no way I could use it. My hair got really waxy and no amount of acidic rinse helped. Also I'd just like to add that it is good to use acidic rinse even if you don't have hard water, because soap is very alkaline and your skin is not so you need to balance it for the health of your scalp.

  7. You could also make your own bars of soap. There are lots of videos about it, that way you know exactly what goes in to them. It does requiere the use of lye? No way around it and people are generally afraid of that stuff because it is toxic and can burn the skin, but hey, its doable.

  8. Do you think this will work for blondes? This sounds really cool… uhhh as I'm typing this you said not to use this on colored hair. I bleached my hair and use blonde box dye instead of toner to get the blonde I want. Maybe this wouldn't be the best idea then?

  9. That explains sooo much!!!! I actually tried using more natural soaps for my hair a couple of years ago and noticed it getting gunky and gross. The water where I live is notoriously hard. Thanks so much for sharing!! Hope you're having a lovely day!

  10. I cut my hair off not too long after I saw your video because I was frustrated with my hair and your video inspired me. My hair has grown back quite a lot as well, and it's feeling really healthy! I want to find something kinder for cleaning my hair though, so I'm happy you included the link 😀
    I am growing my hair again this year as well without cutting it. I want to see how long it gets naturally. If you decided to do that as well, it would be great to see another progress vid 🙂

  11. This really seems like a great idea and I really want to try this out but will it work the same way with long hair? Am I going to need some soft of conditioner?
    And by the way Happy New Year!! 🙂

  12. Wow I can't believe I've been watching your videos for a full year. It seems like just yesterday I clicked on the video of you cutting your hair off. I'm glad I did, I love you and your channel