How to Use the Background Eraser Tool Photoshop Tutorial



  1. When you changed the background to black it showed how poorly the eraser tool did. It left a halo of grey around her hair and other areas. It is easy to do a quick job. It is difficult when doing a proper job. Photoshop is not a good application for masking.

  2. Super Helpful ! I'm behind in the times using an older (ollllllderrr) version of PSE attempting to cut out tree. While I'm not able to get it perfect, your guidance got me far enough ! Thank you, humble mate !

  3. I agree to Rish. It is an advantage to work with up to date software, availability poses problem sometime. Photoshop7.0 is under use and it has the Background eraser tool along with many other features too. It will be good if instructions could be given in scripts in short as is found in many. At least I could have learnt something more. Thanks Dansky. -Somesh.

  4. I, for one, LOVED your tutorial! I have been playing around with Photoshop for YEARS and never realized the tolerance could make erasing backgrounds so much easier. I always used the selection too because I couldn't get the eraser tool to erase the detail close to the image. It would take AGES. You have made things so much quicker and easier! Thank you for sharing!!… by the way, I love your accent. It doesn't affect your teaching one bit. 🙂