How to use Google Keep



  1. I just began using Keep a few days ago. I am unable to edit, or even view the entirety of some of the notes I've made. These notes all have boxes at the bottom that say "reminders," "weather," and "location." What am I doing wrong? Also, what is the push-pin icon for? I think I will love this app, if I can just figure out why I am having trouble. Thanks for your help.

  2. hi. please help me 😢😢
    I had lost my notes and I want to get them back.. the old ones.. and I get them back but not all of them. please replay me I want the all back..they r so so important
    please answer me 😢😢

  3. Can you undo something you did like lets say you had a big note and you accidentally deleted the note not by actually deleting it but highlighting it then accidentally click paste instead of copy