How To Treat Cat Dandruff



  1. my cat is having a lot of dandruff and my vet told me it's because of lack of hydration. The fact is my cat isn't drinking enough water and eats dry food. I feel so sorry for him, even though it doesn't look like bothering him but I don't know what to do to get rid of it. Any ideas beside making my cat drink water ?

  2. Is it healthy to wash your cat if it has dandruff? I only ask, because, if it's a grooming issue, maybe that means I need to take over, and start washing him. I don't bathe my cat, because I always assumed he just baths himself, but since my cat seems to be healthy,  and he's indoor, so fleas are not an issue, it must mean he's dirty. He is elderly too, so from this video, everything seems to be pointing to inadequate grooming. I do brush him daily, so I'll continue with that. I'm just not sure if bathing a cat is necessarily good for him or not.