How to SCULPT CHARACTERS in Mudbox – beginner sculpting tutorial, pt 1



  1. dear sir, I enjoyed the tutorial but I work on zbrush and have been having problems Fitting it into pipeline properly. Will you ever do tutorials on Zbrush too? me and my friends would really love to see how to use Zbrush to create a model usable for games and movies.

  2. Great video ! It's crazy how easy to make it look like but any chance of doing a REAL video for beginner ? Because it's hard to follow wich tool you are using and you did everything too fast, maybe the first things should be shown slow and then you speed up to go to the next stage. Too bad, because the video is fantastic but I have a hard time following your steps.

  3. I'm a beginner at mudbox and I am trying to follow your video and everything you do exactly to try to learn from copying you. With the bulge tool and the wax tool I am using the same size brush and strength with the same type of falloff but the size or the strength seem to be a lot stronger and end up making my guy look like a marshmallow when trying to make the arms bigger. Is there anything you can think of that I am doing wrong or because the video was made a few years ago do you know if they have changed the stats for strength. Thank you.

  4. Hi, James I cannot stress enough how much your tutorials helped me with sculpting. I have just one question. How did you create the teeth for this guy? I suppose you modeled them in Maya? I am mostly working in Mudbox and have Maya installed but at the moment I am still very unfamiliar with Maya and prefer Blender for creating new shapes. Thank you again for a wonderful tutorial series.

    P.S. I would also like to add a tail to the character to look something like this:

  5. How do I move my whole template down I can rotate and zoom but I can't drag the body down, when I use the full body template it only shows the lower body on my screen and I can move it to get to the upper body