How to Make a Raspberry Pi Motion Tracking Airsoft / Nerf Turret



  1. 16 people are dumb as f. This is an awesome idea. It has many uses such as home security for your back yard or even for the military on the roof of a humvee or placed in many places terrorist might try to invade obviously for them a real gun etra motor to pull trigger

  2. When cutting, drilling, etc. MDF you should at minimum be wearing a dusk mask. When cut, MDF produces a very fine dust that is bad to breath. I see he did mention this, but was after making the cut, so going to post this anyway cause its very important.

  3. Your videos are too long, if you want your channel to sufficiently develop, you should aim to make more quick and concise videos. Otherwise your content is great. Just a bit of constructive criticism.

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