How to Check Goats for Parasites using the Famacha Score Card



  1. This was really interesting. I have raised, milked and shown Nubians most of my life and was not familiar with this technique. I grew up doing it another way but this seems sound. I know the devastation of not deworming, as my vet friend lost part of a herd to worms after getting a bad batch of dewormer. Good conten, new sub.

  2. Sarah, I may not be a homesteader but You and Kevin make your videos fun and exciting to watch so I just can't help getting addicted. You guys have such a wealth of information and express it in a way that even an idiot could understand. All the love that you give to your animals shows. They always seem so happy when you guys are around. Exquisite video but I was so hoping to see some goat bloopers at the end. LOL Oh well, can't have everything. Hehe

  3. I never had goats myself but I had some friends that had a daughter that is lactose intolerant so they had a herd of goats. They were very intelligent and mischievous. Great advice on treating parasites.