How Monster Hunter World will change from the Beta



  1. Only thing I’m worried about is that there seems to be a story where the main character speaks, I know that’s silly but I preferrer the silent protagonist approach in the old games

  2. Seems like the only people that don’t like this game are the people that play fps/people that don’t know how to play/people that just don’t like these types of games lol I personally love rpgs and I never played a mh in my life but I can’t wait I already pre ordered I’m ready for the grind n all that good shit lol

  3. I am so fucking tired of people that call MHW a shooter or hns. So disappointed that retards that haven't tried it will trash talk it. Thank god I'll have some people to play with who won't criticize it at every turn.

  4. I'm only partially interested in this game. Like "hunting monsters and making things out of them." seems cool, but…I can smell the repetitiveness, and something like that just isn't what needs to be made right now. Interesting concept…but little reward to keep going.

  5. Ahhhh lol 😂😂😂😂 Liam’s comment is classic. Basically, I’m gonna kill you, wear you and use what’s left over to help kill your friends and family lol 😂 awesome 👏

  6. The more I hear about MH:W, the more it sounds like MH4U was on the 3DS…and that is very good news to me! This is exactly what I was hoping for, the same great MH game but with amazing graphics on PC. Gonna be so much fun to play!

  7. "why do you kill a monster?"
    – i was afraid of losing my pretty boy concept so i just want to give myself to a monster like an acolyte or something, because the girls wouldn't liked me if lived another day killing monsters. It will be like celebration everyone will pull out there webcam, and take pictures of one so much mighty then me feasting on me slowly. then they'll make religious books about me the first title will be you should be eaten bye monsters.

  8. Of all the big and great changes to MHW from previous entries, I think the biggest thing is that everything besides Elder dragon fights can be coop'd. So unlike past games theres not "story" missions and then multiplayer missions, its all just there. Most importantly, I can just dick around in expedition mode with my friends, which honestly gives me an entirely different feeling than before when I had to gather people together who wanted to kill a specific monster and such. Plus, the environments are so beautiful and big and fun to explore now that I could spend hours just gathering resources with friends and have a blast.

  9. Newcomers are gonna be the people who give bad reviews

    It will be a fun 4 player game to have stream on hope this year dlc is fun and that capcom make console exclusive dlc skin for your characters